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Our Roaster is located in the Silver Creek area of Park City. In addition to our fresh roasted coffees we will have available for purchase in person we will have a cup of coffee to enjoy at our facility.

We'd love to see you

M- F: 7:00 am – 3:00 pm

Unless it’s a powder day 🙂

724 Division Street Unit B
Park City, Utah 84098


When the beans have been roasted right and the espresso machine is dialed, the the joe tastes like PC Roaster! They have the friendliest staff, great amenities to include a study area with a huge table and plenty of choices of food to go with your cup of caffeine-infused deliciousness..


Always delicious food. Great service. And they always remember your name. Greeting with such a huge smile and warm welcome. Love it here. Food and drinks and coffee all amazing!.


I've been working out at the Basin Rec center this week. I drive in from Peoa, so the thought of a good cup of coffee after my 6 am class is sometimes the only thing keeping me going. A big thank you to Abby and Bethany for their bright cheery greeting and smiles every day. Besides the best coffee in town, they have the best employees. Thanks again for your great customer service!.


Everything I want in a coffee shop AND MORE. Wish I could make a clone of this place in every city I visit. I only tried the fresh brewed medium and light coffee and I liked the light better. Definitely don’t miss out on coming here if you get the chance!!.


Great local coffee shop. Flavorful coffee, friendly staff, yummy food and snacks, nice environment. You can buys bags of their local coffees roasted on site. The food here is good - cakes, sandwiches, quiches, etc. Lots of tables and chairs and places to meet and work. Function room can be used for special events. Would happily recommend..


Great coffee and other options. They have set up a nice mellow atmosphere. Owners are local and involved and clearly know what they are doing. If you are in the Kimball Junction area this is definitely the spot to go to avoid corporate Starbucks..


My favorite local park city coffee shop and cafe. Their quiches and frittatas are excellent. Coffee is the best in the area. Add in one of their fresh made juices and you have a great breakfast. Love it!.


Nice little coffee shop. They had a nice Costa Rica dark roast. We did not try the coffee tasting room, but it would be interesting to try..


After a long day or week of straining work, this is the GO-TO for my friends to hang out and laugh! Perfectly smoking coffee blacker than the midnight sky, just the way I like it! Awesome staff that have the coolest attitude, and are just so friendly! If you need some good Park City coffee with a great seating, a great view of the mountains, and an all-around amazing experience for coffee, definitely check it out!.


Awesome place and awesome coffee! With a great staff and relaxing environment the park city coffee roaster is a must stop if you are a coffee lover. Fresh roasts and beans for the taking along with awesome mountain vibes..


This was my first time to Park City Coffee Roaster. I wanted to find somewhere I could stay at for a few hours to finish a school assignment and have a coffee. This was the PERFECT place! The staff was amazing (shoutout Emily) and I felt so welcome. I got the grilled cheese and it was delicious. I highly recommend this place :).


The organic fair trade South American varieties have spoiled me beyond just "coffee". I now physically cringe at drinking anything else. They are the BEST!.

🕵️‍♂️ Coffee Quiz Answer! ☕✔️ 🕵️‍♀️

How many cups of coffee does the average American drink per day?

On average, Americans drink approximately 3 cups of coffee a day.

Did you guess it right? Let us know in the comments! 🎉

Love your coffee trivia? Keep sipping and stay curious! Visit for your next coffee adventure. 
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🚨 Coffee Quiz Time! ☕❓ 🚨
How many cups of coffee does the average American drink per day?

A. 1 cup 
B. 2 cups 
C. 3 cups 
D. 4 cups

Drop your guess in the comments below and stay tuned for the answer tomorrow! 

Think you know your coffee facts? Let’s see! And while you’re here, check out our delicious blends at and brew your perfect cup! 🌟☕ #CoffeeQuiz #triviamonday #PCCoffeeRoaster #pcroaster #CoffeeLovers #coffeefacts #parkcity #parkcityut #parkcityutah #coffeeaddict #coffeeaddicts #coffeejitters #americancoffee
Happy National Ice Cream Day…Affogato anyone??

Make your ice cream even more delicious topped with PCCR coffee! 
Say hello to the Affogato! It’s a fancy word for an easy and amazing dessert. Perfect for summer!

An Affogato is a classic Italian dessert that means “drowned” in Italian. It’s just a scoop of ice cream “drowned” in hot espresso. Simple, right? And oh so good! 🤤 

How to Make an Affogato:

☕️ Start with a big scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream.
☕️ Make a shot of our delicious Park City Coffee Roaster espresso. If you don’t have an espresso machine, strong coffee works too!
☕️ Pour the hot espresso over the ice cream and watch it melt into creamy goodness.
☕️ Add a sprinkle of chocolate chips or a drizzle of caramel for extra yum.

This National Ice Cream Day, give your ice cream a cool coffee twist. That’s Italian! 🤌
With our freshly brewed espresso, it’s a delightfully different, tasty treat that’s super easy to make at home.

Give your ice cream a wake-up call! Scoop up some joy at and make your affogato dreams come true. 
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Photo by Ieva Kisunaite on Unsplash
Inside Italy’s Coffee Legacy: Our Unforgettable Visit to La Marzocco ☕🇮🇹
In 2017, we had the incredible opportunity to visit La Marzocco’s manufacturing plant in Italy. 

From meeting the legendary Piero Bambi to discovering the dedication behind top-secret innovations, every moment was a testament to the artistry and passion behind exceptional coffee.

Italy, the land of exquisite coffee, art, and culture, welcomed us with open arms as we visited La Marzocco’s manufacturing plant. 🌟 The highlight of our trip? Meeting the legendary Piero Bambi himself! 🙌

From the passion for craftsmanship to the dedication to quality, every moment spent at La Marzocco was inspiring and reaffirmed our love for exceptional coffee. 🇮🇹☕

Since then, the coffee world lost a true icon with the passing of Piero Bambi in 2020. His legacy continues to inspire us and many others in the industry.

Visit to be a part of our coffee-loving community and discover our latest offerings! 

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#florence #italytravel #tripofalifetime 
The founding father who helped popularize coffee in the United States was Thomas Jefferson! He loved coffee and made sure it was always available at Monticello. 🇺🇸☕️ “the favorite beverage of the civilised world.”

Did you guess it right? Celebrate the 4th of July with a cup of our premium roast! Check out 
Happy Independence Day weekend 🎇☕️
Independence Day Coffee Trivia! 🇺🇸🎆
Which founding father is known to have imported coffee to the United States in large quantities, helping to popularize it during the American Revolution? ☕️🤔

A) George Washington 
B) Benjamin Franklin 
C) Thomas Jefferson 
D) John Adams
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