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Region: La Paz
Process: Wet Washed
Altitude:  3900f-4400f
Farm: IHCAFE 90, Lempira

This coffee from La Paz is really versatile in the roaster, offering balanced sweetness at almost any roast level. The dry fragrance at Medium has elements of caramel popcorn, almond cookie, and a ‘toasty’ hint of burnt sugar. The sweetness is a bit more focused in the wet aroma, with browning sugars at the top of my list, augmented by a toasted almond note.

This region in southwest Honduras, close to the border with El Salvador, is also home to the city of Lauterique, where a group of smallholder coffee farmers established a wet mill five years ago. Currently, 19 coffee farmers deliver primarily Lempira and IHCAFE-90 to the mill, arriving in the late afternoon during harvest for depulping and 8-10 hours of fermentation. The coffee is then washed and then dried on patios or in solar dryers depending on volume and weather.

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8 oz, 5 lb


Whole Bean, Press Pot/Percolator Grind/Cold Brew Grind (Coarse), Drip Grind (Medium), Espresso Grind (Fine)


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